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Just a bored uni student who is getting back into writing after a year of hiatus.

I procrastinate on anything and everything I can.

All my fics are gender neutral unless stated otherwise. [Example: Onsen | Aida Riko x fem!reader or Roommates | Matsuoka Rin x male!reader]


"Next is our very own magician." Joker represents you. Joker frowns, looks around him and raises a hand to cover his mouth. As if he is about to indulge a a secret to the audience. 

Joker's voice drops a whole octave. "It is said that a certain magician made a deal with the devil himself!" He pauses for dramatic effect, unaware of two who exchange brief glances and hidden smirks. The tent is quite, ears straining to hear the next words. "Magic and power in exchange for a soul." Cue the audience gasp, murmurs filling the silence. From your place in the shadows, you roll your eyes, as if they didn't already know that. Tsk. Rich bastards who like to make a show out of everything.

Joker's small frown turns into a wide smile in an instant. He claps his hands, bringing everyone's attention to him. "But have no fear, the incoming act will entertain you and will leave you feeling nothing but fascination." That is your cue. You step away from the shadows into the spotlight, effectively trading places with Joker. You bow to the audience and begin your show. 

At first the audience wasn't very impressed, sceptical even. But now... Look at them clapping and waiting for your next trick.

"Thank you." You say, lifting a hand to signal them to stop their clapping before continuing. "As for my last magical act I would require and assistant." Before anyone can volunteer, you walk up to one of the spectators sitting in the first row.

"Would the kind gentleman please inspect this new deck of cards?" You ask the man in a clear voice and hand him the new deck.

The man stares at you for a second before reaching and taking the deck from you. He shuffles it, inspecting some random cards.

"Does anything seem unnatural about it?" You ask, already knowing the answer. The man shakes his head. "No? Very well then. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls please observe closely." 

You walk back into the centre of the ring and jump on a box. You then reach up and throw the Deck of Cards up the air. Once the cards reach their highest point in the air, you clap your hands and the cards turn into birds. The birds fly around the room, the tweets are downed in the exclamation of surprise and excited yells. *

The audience is awed. You give them half a minute more before you clap twice and the birds burst into flower petals, falling down on the audience. Some of the audience reaches out to catch the petals between their fingers and rub it to make sure the petals are real.

Excited murmurs fill the tent once more. This time the clapping is harder and louder this time. You bow three more times, keeping the smile on your face and patiently wait for the darkness again. You only need to wait till all lights shift to fall on Joker and the others will come. A minute later, Joker appears and you don't spare a second to check if the others are here already, you start clearing the arena for Beast, moving your equipment and replacing them with hers. You carry the last box, leaving Joker behind to deal with the audience. 


Backstage Snake is waiting for you, you smile when you catch a glimpse of him and immediately head towards him.

"Snake! What did you think of my show?" You ask, the snakes hiss and he opens his mouth to speak but you interrupt him. "Oh, I nearly forgot, here." You shift the box you are carrying to the table near by and rummage through it.  You pull out a couple of mice from a cage and throw them one by one to the snakes.

The snakes immediately lunge towards the mice, some caught one for themselves while the unfortunate ones shared a mouse with each other.

"It was nice, says Emily." Snakes says after Emily has swallowed the mouse. "Thank you, says Wilde." He adds once Wilde is done as well. 


"It suddenly got quite, Beast show must be near the end then." You mumble, petting Keats. "Hey, can't we just go back to the tents already?" You whine, you really don't want to deal with the post show cleaning. Snake checks who is in the arena with Beast before nodding. With a quite "Yes!" you grab Snake's arm and head to your tent.

Just as you are about to enter the tent, Snake stills for a second. He turns to face the other way. "Wait here, says Emily."

Five minutes later he is back. "Someone was lost, says Goethe." "Mmm, okay. Joker came, he wants to meet us."


"And you!" Ciel starts in a commanding voice before he notices his error when Sebastian raises an eyebrow from his place behind you. Ciel clears his voice and tries again with a softer tone, "Where do you sleep when there are only eight tents?"

"Not that it is any of your business," You say with a smile. "Hmm, what can I say that a child would understand?" You mutter under your breath, and tap your chin with a finger. "Oh! I got it."

You bend down to his level as if you are about to tell him a secret. "I sleep with Snake. He helps me keep the nightmares away." You whisper in his ear and ruffle his hair, and straightening yourself. You smile once again when he scowls at the gesture and the treatment.

Hmm, the scowl makes Smile look older. Why is he scowling? You told him the truth though, perhaps because you only left the smallest of bits out? You pat his head in consolation, and his scowls deepens?

Wait, he hates being treated like a child, doesn't he? You drop the hand and give him a nod. There much better. 


You are sitting on the floor, fixing one of your magical boxes when a shadow looms over you. "Oh, Black. An impressive practice you did over there. You are not going to come after my position, are you?" You ask him with a laugh.

"I would never."** He deadpans and you get the feeling he is talking about something else other than your job.

"Tell me, did you make a deal with the devil then?" Sebastian asks a second later with a smile, enjoying the irony.*** You gasp and splay a hand on your chest."Why? Yes, of cour-" Joker interrupts your overly dramatic answer. "Haha, Black you shouldn't ask that, you might turn into a toad or a bat. " He laughs before turning to you. "Come, [Name]. We need to talk."

"You are always interrupting my fun, Joker!" You grumble, getting up to follow Joker but first, you turn around to face Black. "Oh Black, don't you know never ask a magician to explain his tricks?" You wiggle your fingers suspiciously.


The first strings get to pick the food first and since you have never been a morning person, it is easier for you and for everyone involved that you sit at the first string table and have someone else pick your food.  

"Here," A plate is placed next to your head. You lift your head up to look at Snake. "We got you food when we got ours. Says Wordsmith." "Wordsmith, Snake. Thank you." You groan and sit up straighter; reach for the food. Once Snake is seated beside you, you lean against him.

Seeing as you won't be moving any time soon, some of his snakes slowly slither over you. Soon Emily is wrapped around your neck, you continue eating as if nothing is happening, occasionally handing the snakes some food.

The first string are used to the sight you and Snake make by now, as is the rest of the circus, however from the corner of your eye you notice Smile flinching while both Suit and Black ignore you. You turn to stare at him and he meets your gaze, unafraid, unflinching and most definitely challenging. A hiss from Oscar near your ear captures your attention and has you turning to face Oscar, causing you to break the eye contact. You lost even if by a technicality. You huff and continue eating.


You walk up to Suit, he glances at you from the corner of his eye. You stand behind him and stare. "Hmm." You tap your chin in thought. Suit ignores you.

You hum again, and move to stand in front of him. You reach and grab his arm, squeezing it and smiling as you feel him tense. "Not much but you will do." You mumble. 

"Come, Suit. I have work for you." You tell him with a smile that Suit suddenly, and rightfully feels wary of.

In the end, you just needed someone to carry things for you and Suit was your designated pack mule since Jumbo wasn't around.


One by one, the first string slip into the darkness till only seven remains but then the rest follows and only two stayed behind. It is not unusual for them to attend to their business, what's unusual is them not going together. This time there is something wrong and you feel worried.

"They said they will be back by today. Do you feel anything?" You ask, voice muffled as you rummage for your best coat.

"I can't smell them, so they aren't even close by."**** There is a pause and you put your coat on. "Says Oscar." 

"Well, want to go look for them?" You inquire, already knowing the answer. Together, you both walk away from the circus, leaving the only warmth you knew behind.

Magic | Snake x reader
Finally! This is done. I don't want to look at this anymore. This was just 500 words but then I kept adding to it. Originally I wanted to write something for each member in the first string, but I don't think I can anymore. i don't want to think of anymore plots tbh, no matter how much i want to write something for beast or joker

This is for Hakutaku 
and :iconcuddlebros:, both listen to me rant a lot.

This is gender neutral as always. Please tell me if I miss something because sometimes I tended to imagine Snake x male. ;_;

*This was a trick Isaac Fawkes used.
**Sebastian was making an innuendo, how he wouldn't want to sleep with Snake both figuratively and literally.  
*** During the 19th and 20th century, many magicians claimed they made a deal with the devil.
**** Direct quote from the manga.


Edit: Fixed a typo.


Image is a mangacap.

Plot/ Story © seeingsasha

You © Yourself; Snake.

Snake; everyone else © 
Toboso Yana

I was tagged by the lovely, :iconcuddlebros:

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I don't really understand the last rule.

S: Sex Yeah - Marina and the diamonds. [Link]
A: Avalanche - IAMX. [Link]
S: Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence. [Link]
H: Hymn of the Fayth - FFX. [Link]
A: All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt. [Link]
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I have been sick for the last two days. I have been feeling feverish and weak, and it really sucks. 

Request list:

  • Takao Kazunari x reader for :iconfrenzydaydreamer11:
  • Eren Jaeger x reader for :iconlandra15:
  • Erwin Smith x reader for :iconsnkmizore:
  • Shinkai Hayato x reader for :iconrin0kiyomasa:
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Over 50+ watchers. I would have expected this much. You have my gratitude and thanks.

Hence, I would like to open requests till the 16th of October to give myself time to write them since I go back to uni on the 18th.

Please note that I can take a while depending on how inspired I am.

Fandoms I can write for:

  • Death Note
  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Free!
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Kuroshitsuji
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I was tagged by:


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S T U F F  A B O U T  M E:

  1. I am left handed.
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  3. I am taller than average.
  4. I prefer cold weather.
  5. I want to get a cat or a dog.
  6. I get bored easily.
  7. I used to draw.
  8. I prefer water over juice.
  9. I once tried to knit.
  10. I saw into the storm last Friday and it was really bad.

Q U E S T I O N S  I  M U S T  A N S W E R:

1]  Let's play marry/fuck/kill with the Hetalia go!
I never watched Hetalia.

2]  If you could win a lifetime supply of any food you wanted what would it be?
Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate.

3]  Your dream job?
Game designer or developer.

4]  Favorite fandom to write or read about?
Lately that was knb.

5]  Do you like animals? What's your favorite animal?

6]  Do you live alone? Why do you like living alone or why would you like to live with other people? Do you live in a full house? Why do you like living in a full house or why would you like to live alone?
I don't live alone, less lonely.

7]  If you could have a conversation with any historical figure who would it be and what would you talk about?
Alexander the Great. I really liked him.

8]  The first thing you think about when you wake up or go to sleep?
I need to check my email. Thinking about fics ideas.

9]  Bleach or Naruto? Choose a side and defend your answer.
Both? I read both so no preference really.

10]  Is there something you wish people would write more about?
fem characterx fem readers, non binary reader.

Q U E S T I O N S  Y O U  M U S T  A N S W E R:

Did you ever have an epiphany?
Favourite fanfic?
Favourite non-domesticated animal?
First character you had a crush on.
Usual hair style?
If you could change an episode of any show, which one would it be?

I tag:
:iconvocaloidlover246: :iconkagamicchii:
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