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Just a bored uni student who is getting back into writing after a year of hiatus.

I procrastinate on anything and everything I can.

All my fics are gender neutral unless stated otherwise. [Example: Onsen | Aida Riko x fem!reader or Roommates | Matsuoka Rin x male!reader]


The best spot in Kaijō has to be the open roof. A fact you exploit nearly everyday during lunch break. The best thing about it? Not many students go up there, most days it is just  you and the sky. Sure, sometimes someone comes up but it beats staying anywhere on campus and on standby to avoid Kise Ryouta's fans. 

Today is no different. You are sitting on the floor, with your back leaning against the wall and your book and empty bento discarded beside you. You are humming along the music playing through earphones with your eyes closed when a shadow looms over you. You crack on eye open to see a fellow student (perhaps even a sports player? You have seen him before, but you aren't sure) standing in front of you. Wow, he looks huge from where you are sitting. His hair isn't bad either. You appraise him in your head before concentrating on his face. You think he is saying something? His lips are moving but you can't really hear anything over your music.

He is fidgeting in his place and his cheeks are slowly turning bright red, however. He stops speaking and his fidgeting increases, "Give me a second." You say, and move to stand up, finally taking pity on him. He takes a step back to give you space. You can't help but compare your height with his once you stand up. You were correct in your assumption, he is very tall. He must be at least 175 cm, definitely more. You muse and take off your earphones. 

"I am sorry, you were saying?" You ask as you tuck the earphones into your pocket. He makes a choked sound that makes you look at him in concern and raise a hand in an offer to hit him on the back. He waves his hand and you lower yours to your side and watch as he regains his breathing. 

He takes a deep breath. "[Last Name] [First Name], I... I (l)ike you ve(r)y much. P(l)ease go out with me."* He says in one breath.

Huh? Well, that's a pleasant surprise. "I am sorry...?" You end one a questioning note. You don't even know his name though, no matter how cute he is. Immediately his face falls and he his grip on his elbow tightens. He looks like a kicked puppy. You almost want to pat his head.

"I mean, what is your name? You should have introduced yourself first, you know?" You continue as if you weren't affected by his expressions a second ago and this was your plan all along.

"Mitsuhi(r)o Hayakawa, p(l)ease take ca(r)e of me!" Hayakawa explodes and bows to you promptly. You are taken back by the shear volume, you have to take a minute to decipher what he is saying too. Good thing you still think he is cute.

Hayakawa straightens up, his face is all red and he is looking at you with such hope, you can't refuse him. "Sure. When do you have free time and where do you want to go?" You start, looking behind him to the roof door to see nothing. You could swear you heard loud whispers before the door closed a minute ago.

"I have free this weekend and there is this new café that opened by that book store I wanted to go for a while-"  Hayakawa doesn't let you finish. He is already nodding and agreeing to anything you propose.

"Good. It's a date then." You tease Hayakawa and laugh when his face explodes in red again.


Extended scene:

The stairwell leading to the roof is currently, well, to put it simply crowded with the first string of Kaijō's basketball club. It is not very comfortable to be honest, but curiosity killed the cat. It is not everyday Hayakawa asked someone out after all.

"Kise, move your leg. You are stepping on my foot." Kasamatsu growls. He would have removed the offending appendage if it wasn't for the fact he is squished between Moriyama and Kobori. Curse his height for making him the shortest and curse Kise for dragging them here. 

Kise steps on his foot even harder, and whines. "Senpai I won't see anything if I move." Before Kasamatsu can say anything Moriyama inturrpts him. "Do you think [Last Name] would say yes? It can't happen, right? Hayakawa won't date before me, right?" His voice cracks on the last word and Kise hushes them, pointing on the bowing Haykawa. 

"Is that a yes? That's definitely a yes." Moriyama slumps against Kasamatsu, who tries to close the door but can't. Kobori takes pity on him and closes the door himself. Kasamatsu sighs in relief and promises to double the training of everyone when he gets out of here.

On the roof | Mitsuhiro Hayakawa x reader
*Hayakawa has a serious speaking problem (pronouncing an L instead of an R and vice versa) that gets worse when losing his temper. This makes him difficult to understand. (From knb wika)

Yeah, it has been sometimes since my last knb fic since last November apparently haha sorry //shot and this was definitely fun to write. Even if it didn't comes out the way I wanted it to. Originally there was a misunderstanding and lots of yelling too. 

Gender neutral as always.


Image is a screencap edited by me.

Plot/ Story © seeingsasha

You © Yourself; Mitsuhiro Hayakawa.

Mitsuhiro Hayakawa © 
Fujimaki Tadatoshi
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I was tagged by the lovely, :iconcuddlebros:

  • Write down every letter of your name.
  • Write down a song that pops up in your mind beginning with each letter.
  • Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your friends list.
I don't really understand the last rule.

S: Sex Yeah - Marina and the diamonds. [Link]
A: Avalanche - IAMX. [Link]
S: Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence. [Link]
H: Hymn of the Fayth - FFX. [Link]
A: All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt. [Link]
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I have been sick for the last two days. I have been feeling feverish and weak, and it really sucks. 

Request list:

  • Takao Kazunari x reader for :iconfrenzydaydreamer11:
  • Eren Jaeger x reader for :iconlandra15:
  • Erwin Smith x reader for :iconsnkmizore:
  • Shinkai Hayato x reader for :iconrin0kiyomasa:
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Over 50+ watchers. I would have expected this much. You have my gratitude and thanks.

Hence, I would like to open requests till the 16th of October to give myself time to write them since I go back to uni on the 18th.

Please note that I can take a while depending on how inspired I am.

Fandoms I can write for:

  • Death Note
  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Free!
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Kuroshitsuji
The other news I mentioned, please check this 40,000 point giveaway: <da:thumb id="487192462"/>.

And the group :iconcuddlebros: and I maintain: YowaPedaxReader.
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  6. I get bored easily.
  7. I used to draw.
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  9. I once tried to knit.
  10. I saw into the storm last Friday and it was really bad.

Q U E S T I O N S  I  M U S T  A N S W E R:

1]  Let's play marry/fuck/kill with the Hetalia go!
I never watched Hetalia.

2]  If you could win a lifetime supply of any food you wanted what would it be?
Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate.

3]  Your dream job?
Game designer or developer.

4]  Favorite fandom to write or read about?
Lately that was knb.

5]  Do you like animals? What's your favorite animal?

6]  Do you live alone? Why do you like living alone or why would you like to live with other people? Do you live in a full house? Why do you like living in a full house or why would you like to live alone?
I don't live alone, less lonely.

7]  If you could have a conversation with any historical figure who would it be and what would you talk about?
Alexander the Great. I really liked him.

8]  The first thing you think about when you wake up or go to sleep?
I need to check my email. Thinking about fics ideas.

9]  Bleach or Naruto? Choose a side and defend your answer.
Both? I read both so no preference really.

10]  Is there something you wish people would write more about?
fem characterx fem readers, non binary reader.

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Did you ever have an epiphany?
Favourite fanfic?
Favourite non-domesticated animal?
First character you had a crush on.
Usual hair style?
If you could change an episode of any show, which one would it be?

I tag:
:iconvocaloidlover246: :iconkagamicchii:
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