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Just a bored uni student who is getting back into writing after a year of hiatus.

I procrastinate on anything and everything I can.

All my fics are gender neutral unless stated otherwise. [Example: Onsen | Aida Riko x fem!reader or Roommates | Matsuoka Rin x male!reader]


Warning: Spoilers for the manga up ahead. Especially chapter 143.


Humming softly under your breath you pause and tilt your head to concentrate. You can hear the distant sound of foots steps coming closer. Judging by the pattern it must be Kaneki-kun. Smirking, you continue humming and proceed to unbutton your shirt. You are about to take off your shirt when the sound of foot steps and a sweet smell fill the air. You decide not to turn and face Kaneki-kun. Instead, you take of your shirt and hang it in your locked before moving onto your trousers. Behind you, Kaneki gasps and his heart beat increases tenfold before hurrying to his own locker.

"Kaneki-kun~~!" You call out in a sweet voice once your trousers join your shirt in the locker. He lets out a small surprised sound and hurries to open his lock. You fight to keep your smirk under control. There is no need to scare little, innocent Kaneki-kun too soon, is there?

"Just the person I wanted to see before I go out." You continue, walking towards him as if there is nothing wrong in the world. As if you are not sauntering around in your underwear.

"You needed something, [Name]-san?" Kaneki squeaks and stares ahead into his locker. He even refuses to meet your eye in the mirror.

How cute.

"Nothing really. Just wanted to tell you your coffee is getting better, I suppose." You flatter and patiently wait for Kaneki to turn around.

When he does, he tries his hardest to focus on your face, to not let his eyes wander. But he can't help it, especially when you reach for his tie and start fixing it up. His eyes are drawn to the movements of your hand before noticing what else he can see and flushing red. When you are done you give him a smile and the poor thing is getting redder. You wonder how far does the blush extends.

Taking pity on him, you swipe at imaginary dirt on his shoulders and leave him to go to your locker. You can almost feel the weight of his stare as you move. You almost want to put on a show but you doubt he would be able to handle this. Instead you opt to just take out your street clothes and languidly put them on.

When he walks out of the locker room you laugh and gather your things before heading out as well.


The doorbell jingled as you pushed it open with your shoulder, since your hands were busy adjusting your grip on the heavy bags you were carrying.

"Uta~" You sing song, lifting the edge of the sheets covering some of the display and peering underneath. To hide in plain sight is Uta's favourite place after all. You receive no answer, of course you wouldn't. Uta likes his games too much after all.

"Boo." Uta whispers. Startled, you twirl around to the direction the sound came from. Only to see him standing in the corner. You roll your eyes and part your lips in a smirk.

"Soooo, I have a gift for you." You raise the heavier bag of two and shake it for emphasis. "And a job." You add as you place the bag of meat on the grounds.

"You broke your mask again?"

You squint and tilt your head to the side. "Ehh, how did you know?" He doesn't say anything. His silence is even more judgemental than any words he would have uttered, it makes you feel like you have to defend yourself. "Pah, what can I do? The Doves are swarming around and I can't help but want to play, you know?"

"Of course." He deadpans and you let out a laugh. He takes the second, smaller bag from you and take out the mask from it.

You look at the broken fragments of the mask in his hands. "Did you know how rare female Doves are? The one the broke my mask was so fast and agile. It was a pity I killed her. But she did see my face." You shrug and glance at the bag on the ground.

"What made you itching for a fight?" Uta wonders as he examines the remains of the mask.

"I am getting there! Anyway, you will know soon enough." You tease, waving your hand in dismissal. Before he can say anything you speak again. "I also brought news. I met the cutest little ghoul recently, I am guessing he will pay you a visit soon. Take care of him, okay?"

Uta makes a sound and you know you lost his interest. Besides, he is already reaching for a blank sheet of paper to make you a new mask.

"I will leave you to it then." You wave cheekily and Uta doesn't reply. You stick your tongue out behind Uta's back and skip out of the shop.


Arranging to change your shifts so they coincide with Kaneki is easily done. Same as getting his attention. Everything is so easy that it is almost boring. It doesn't help that the next step is to be patient. You need to wait for Kaneki to make the first move.

Hopefully I won't have to wait longer. You think as you talk to Kaneki. You watch as he fiddles with a book in his hands. Well, talking about books is a failed effort, since he is more guarded after that incident with Rize. Not to mention you can't read that well, or at all. Plus, learning how to read and write was never a priority. Especially when you were young you had to pour all your attention into surviving to see the next day.

Wait a second. You can use that.

"Hey, Kaneki-kun, what is this book about? You are always reading it." You interrupt him, peering at the book in his hands in interest.*

"This? It's by my favourite author, I felt connected to the story recently." He hands you the book. You squint at the title, tracing the kanji with your finger. "I am afraid I don't know how to read." You say with an apologetic smile; rub the back of your head in embarrassment.

"I am sorry! I didn't know that." He fumbles through the words, grabbing the book back as if he wants to hide the book and erase his faux pas. "I-I can teach you if you like?" Kaneki looks up at you.

You give him a genuine smile. "I would like that."

After their usual practice underground Yomo stops Kaneki with two words. "Kaneki-kun."


"You have been hanging around with [Name] recently. I would advise you not to get attached. [Name] flits around a lot, never staying in one place."

"Okay." Kaneki assures Yomo and touches his chin with his left hand.


"Wait, so to be able to read I must memorise all of these?" You question, looking at the material before you. Beside you Kaneki laughs and nods. "And there is no short cut to suddenly becoming literate?" He nods again.

"I guess that means you are stuck teaching me longer than I thought." You grumble. You reach for your cup of coffee to soothe your temper and hand Kaneki his.

"I don't mind, [Name]-san."


When Kaneki gets taken by Yamori you were busy running an errand for Uta. If you were honest, it's for the better things turned out this way.

It doesn't stop you from joining the rescue team.

You do feel disappointed when Kaneki prefers to take the gourmet with him than accept your help. In your opinion you make a much better company.

(A small part of you wished to see how everything unfolds from the front row seats, not the third, not the fifth but the first. Oh well, you will get your chance soon enough.)


For a group of high profile ghouls, they are very messy. You consider getting up and helping in the cleaning up now that practically everyone is gone, but you can't bother. Instead you reach for the half filled bottle of blood and pour yourself another drink.

Not a few minutes later, Itori comes and sits on your right. She takes the bottle from you and drinks directly from it. She doesn't say anything. Most likely she is upset neither you nor Uta helped her clean up. You nudge her with your shoulder. "Itori! Come on, this is not a time for sulking. We should be celebrating." She tries to glare at you but the malicious smirk ruins her effort.

"What we did was a thing of beauty, wasn't it?" Itori easily agrees, she takes another swig from the bottle. Uta joins you at the bar, sitting on your left and takes the bottle from Itori.

"You know, the only thing I regret-" You start but Itori's scandalised gasps interrupts you. "Don't tell me you actually liked him?" "What is it and you people making assumptions before I finish talking?" You snap at her.

"You are too easy to rile up." She retorts and takes the bottle from Uta to fill your glass again.

"Anyway, as I was say, the only thing I regret was not playing with Kaneki more. I really wanted to be there when everything went to hell. I mean, who knows when we will get another opportunity to cause a chaos of this scale again?"
Infatuation | Kaneki Ken x reader
*The book Kaneki was reading was Sen Takatsuki's "The Black Goat's Egg". 

I am sorry kaneki. Cry forever  
I can't seem to write anything happy for you. omg cry 

originally this was 300 words or so but then grew to almost 2k+ ahh.

this was intended as gender neutral. please tell me if i missed anything. 

edit: fixed a typo.


Image is from tokyo ghoul √A end card.

Plot/ Story © seeingsasha

You © Yourself; Kaneki Ken (haha).

Kaneki ken; everyone else © Sui Ishida.
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I was tagged by the lovely, :iconcuddlebros:

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I don't really understand the last rule.

S: Sex Yeah - Marina and the diamonds. [Link]
A: Avalanche - IAMX. [Link]
S: Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence. [Link]
H: Hymn of the Fayth - FFX. [Link]
A: All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt. [Link]
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I have been sick for the last two days. I have been feeling feverish and weak, and it really sucks. 

Request list:

    • Takao Kazunari x reader for :iconfrenzydaydreamer11:
    • Eren Jaeger x reader for :iconlandra15:
    • Erwin Smith x reader for :iconsnkmizore:
    • Shinkai Hayato x reader for :iconrin0kiyomasa: 
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Over 50+ watchers. I would have expected this much. You have my gratitude and thanks.

Hence, I would like to open requests till the 16th of October to give myself time to write them since I go back to uni on the 18th.

Please note that I can take a while depending on how inspired I am.

Fandoms I can write for:

  • Death Note
  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Free!
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Kuroshitsuji
The other news I mentioned, please check this 40,000 point giveaway: <da:thumb id="487192462"/>.

And the group :iconcuddlebros: and I maintain: YowaPedaxReader.
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I never watched Hetalia.

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Chocolate. The answer is always chocolate.

3]  Your dream job?
Game designer or developer.

4]  Favorite fandom to write or read about?
Lately that was knb.

5]  Do you like animals? What's your favorite animal?

6]  Do you live alone? Why do you like living alone or why would you like to live with other people? Do you live in a full house? Why do you like living in a full house or why would you like to live alone?
I don't live alone, less lonely.

7]  If you could have a conversation with any historical figure who would it be and what would you talk about?
Alexander the Great. I really liked him.

8]  The first thing you think about when you wake up or go to sleep?
I need to check my email. Thinking about fics ideas.

9]  Bleach or Naruto? Choose a side and defend your answer.
Both? I read both so no preference really.

10]  Is there something you wish people would write more about?
fem characterx fem readers, non binary reader.

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Did you ever have an epiphany?
Favourite fanfic?
Favourite non-domesticated animal?
First character you had a crush on.
Usual hair style?
If you could change an episode of any show, which one would it be?

I tag:
:iconvocaloidlover246: :iconkagamicchii:
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